Under the Covers With TMG

Throughout the year TMG sponsors various internal fund raising events; during the month of April our focus was Autism Awareness.

The son of one of TMG’s researchers, Wendy, has Autism.  He was diagnosed at the age of 3½.  He did not speak any words until around the age of four. The following year he had severe Echolalia (repeating words and/or phrases that are heard).  There was no conversation until after the age of five, when he was finally able to respond to a question using one to three words.  Now at age nine, he is considered to be ‘high-functioning’.  He has improved leaps and bounds due to several weekly therapies and constant home intervention. 

He also participates with “Welcome to My World Autism” which is a social group for children on the autism spectrum.  They have sessions that focus on classroom instruction, social skills and social-recreational instruction in the gym.  They help them learn how to have conversations, take turns, work as a team, follow directions and sportsmanship.  The organization also provides support groups for the families of autistic children.