A Day in a Life - TMG Highlights from First Quarter 2014

TMG team members are quite busy which is quite impressive, especially when you compare our current activity to last year at this time.  In taking a look at this quarter, let’s do it from a different angle… as a day in the life of our recruiters comparing Q1 2014 to Q1 2013.

Global Interviews:

On a daily basis in every part of the world from Dubai, to Columbia, to Turkey, to Silicon Valley, to Brazil, to Chicago to Wall Street, The Millard Group has 5 ‘first time’ interviews taking place, not including second or third interviews or trips to HQ for final interviews.   Compare this to the 3.5 “first-time” interviews per day in Q1 of 2013; that equals an increase of 21%.  In total we arranged over 300 first time interviews in Q1 of 2014.  We are also handling the logistics for all interviews; each interview has its own prep and debrief sessions with the client and candidate.

Daily Interviews:

Some may think that TMG has a ‘magical warehouse’ of high tech executives so when we take on a new search assignment we can walk out back to the warehouse, head down to aisle four and grab the VP of Sales with 12 years of SaaS experience from the third shelf.  In actuality, on average TMG recruited 20 professionals per day last quarter, which totaled over 1,300 people.  This was 300 more than Q1 of 2013.    

Business Development – New Search Assignments:

When we are not debriefing, prepping, pitching and interviewing candidates, we are evaluating and looking for new clients.  These business discussions, like our recruiting calls, are the lifeblood to our business.  We spend, on average, over two to three hours per day working on both research and due diligence phone calls with each new search that we take on.  Last quarter we evaluated well over 180 new searches which equaled three new searches per day, and represents over $5M in possible fees.   Like a Venture Capitalist, we do not ‘accept’ each deal that we evaluate; we qualify each search to determine if we should ‘invest’ in it.   This process landed us 11 new clients vs. six in Q1 of 2013.

Deal Makers:

And lastly, when we aren’t prepping candidates or debriefing clients from around the world, or recruiting 20 candidates per day, or working on acquiring new clients and searches . . . we are working the ‘neck of the funnel’.  On average we have well over twenty ‘deals’ going on per week that are moving towards a yes/no decision.  Of those twenty, about five are quite serious and at offer stage.  With that comes a series of very important conversations; client and candidate wants/needs analysis for decision, verbal offer, reference checking, offer management, resignation management, counter-offer management, transition-to-start date and assisting with on-boarding.   On average we are spending at least one to two hours more, PER DAY, on these activities than we were in 2013. 


With over 18 first quarters under our belt, our historical data suggests that our fourth and first quarters are our busier quarters.  Q4 of 2013 was strong; Q1 of 2014 was even stronger.  In fact, the first quarter of 2014 was one of our top five quarters since 1996.  The theme of all our newsletters has been the positive health of the high tech market and based on our Q1 results and although not complete, our view into Q2, we are busier than ever and the war for talent is real.  There, I said it again.