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Quarter 2
Volume 6

A TMG Newsletter

A Growing Trend for Better Hiring Means Better Recruiting

I think most people would agree that one of the most important things a company must do well to be successful is to hire the right talent.  A candidate's track record and credentials are, and always have been, key to spotting great talent.  However, attributes such as passion and potential have recently become the priority when hiring the right candidate.  This trend and shift in pr ... read more »

A Day in a Life - TMG Highlights from First Quarter 2014

TMG team members are quite busy which is quite impressive, especially when you compare our current activity to last year at this time.  In taking a look at this quarter, let’s do it from a different angle… as a day in the life of our recruiters comparing Q1 2014 to Q1 2013. Global Interviews: On a daily basis in every part of the world from Dubai, to Columbia, to Turkey, to Sil ... read more »

Alignment is the Key to Search Success in the War for Talent

Getting the best and most out of a search firm/recruiter can be a tremendous advantage with all the individual battles that make up this war for talent.   Our clients are telling us that it’s only getting more difficult.  We hear things like: we lost a candidate between acceptance and start date, we have urgency &ndas ... read more »

Under the Covers With TMG

Throughout the year TMG sponsors various internal fund raising events; during the month of April our focus was Autism Awareness. The son of one of TMG’s researchers, Wendy, has Autism.  He was diagnosed at the age of 3½.  He did not speak any words until around the age of four. The following year he had severe Echo ... read more »

Turning The Tables:
An Interview With Nancy Nash

Recently, Senior Search Consultant, Nancy Nash, was interviewed by our Newsletter Editor.  They chatted about her career as a recruiter and working remotely. Editor: How many years have you been recruiting? Nancy: Gulp… since 1992, so 22 years. I didn’t have a job when I graduated college. Two weeks after being home, I opened up the phone book and called a local search firm to ... read more »

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