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Quarter 3, 2013
Volume 3

A TMG Newsletter

Clients Making a Difference

In this section, read our Client Spotlight and our clients’ mergers, acquisitions and funding activity.  Client Spotlight: Zixi - Revolutionizing IP Video Transport Have you ever streamed a video on a mobile device, laptop or smart TV and had it break up or stall? Of course you have. And you have also probably wondered why technology has not yet solved that problem. After all, with L ... read more »

Under The Covers with TMG

“Visiting the 9/11 Memorial and paying respect to the many heroic people affected by this tragic event, has been an intention of mine for some time.” said Paul Millard, Managing Partner.  Many of us at TMG have personal and professional ties to people directly affected by this attack. On May 16th, The Millard Group chartered a bus and made the trip to NYC.  Our first stop wa ... read more »

Issues & Trends In The Market Place

Internet of Everything The Oxford University Press has a rigorous process for choosing new words or phrases for inclusion in The Oxford English Dictionary; in August of this year, the phrase ‘Internet of things’ was added.  This catch phrase and its synonyms – Internet of Everything, Smart Everything, Industrialize ... read more »

Highlights Of The Quarter

Clients: The war for talent is real.  Consider the fact that you may not be the only company with a ‘good story’, with an aggressive plan to grow or taking your fair share of the opportunities within your market.  Candidates: The war for talent is real – your time has come!  If it hasn’t already, op ... read more »

Turning The Tables:
An Interview with Kendra Cunningham

Recently, Associate Partner Kendra Cunningham was interviewed by our Newsletter Editor.  They chatted about her career as a recruiter, yoga and life. Question:  In your 15 years as a Recruiter you have filled 100s if not 1000s of positions, what are the characteristics of the client that gets you to wage war on their behalf? Answer: 15 years (gulp). I look for clients that I like, cand ... read more »

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